Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services

Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services

Deborah Bain

Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services

Deputy Attorney General for the Victims’ Services Unit Deborah Bain.

Ms. Bain states, “The guiding principle of the Victims’ Services Unit is to provide support, information and assistance to victims at every stage of the criminal process. It is an essential service in empowering victims.

The Victims’ Services Unit offers crime victims and their families support and information at every stage of the criminal process. Victims have rights, and the Attorney General is committed to ensuring that those rights are protected

A Peak into my mental health ride with The Attorney Generals Office of Victim Services

After finding the trilogy on line it popped my ptsd and I started to loop my memories, I couldn’t turn it off, it was like reliving it all over again and again, I jumped into a hand full of 72 hr holds, I’m not crazy, I just found myself wanting to be with Josh more then was healthy for me. After finding what the Sheriff Department was really up to years ago I found myself having a bit of a nervous breakdown. I had a Dr I kept bumping into on my holds, she really wanted me to spill into a 30 day hold for treatment at a place in AZ so after our meeting with the Sheriff Smith I so boldly asked if the Sheriff Department and the State of California had aide that I could access to help cover some of the costs of my treatment after insurance.
Joyce Blair told us that we could place a request with Victim Services, she could not make any promises because of how many years had gone by since Joshua’s death, but Sheriff Smith said that the Sheriff Department would write a letter of support of the claim and along with Joyce Blair’s support she placed me in Deborah Bain’s hands, lead counsel victim services for the Attorney General’s Office, she was going to hand walk my claim through the system, I would not need to do a thing.
Then it changed to a claim form would be sent to me, I would fill it out and mail it back to a women in victim services, Deborah told me that she would have it all set up so when my claim came across her desk she would know the background with directions to contact Deborah directly and that the Sheriff Department’s letter would be sent to her to add to the claim, Deborah told me I needed to fill out the complete form, ask for all the benefit’s, it’s all just part of the process of getting this through the system she said, still no promises but she would take care of it personally, . Deborah sent me the form and I mailed it off. Do you know what it felt like to fill out that form, please take a look at one.
A short time later I receive a return letter from this women from victim services, she wanted to know who I was , why I sent her my claim directly and Why would I be filing a claim 20 years after Joshua’s death, and to have no police reports with the claim, it would be impossible to process such a claim.. I contacted her, she had never had any contact with Deborah Bain about my claim, she had no idea what I was talking about. I called Deborah and left her a message about what happened, I was a mess, I was so embarrassed, humiliated to the extreme talking to this women, Deborah had me fill out a form asking for a refund for burial cost and other misc death requests, then this happened.
When she got back to me she told me how sorry she was but another problem has come up, The claim has somehow been changed from State to the local Santa Clara County victim services office,she didn’t how it happened, but the person the claim transferred to called and told the Sheriff Department that they did not need to write the letter any longer . Asst Sheriff John Hirokawa told Deborah Bain this, then she told me that the man who told the S.Department not to write the letter quit his job and The Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services for the State of California did not know how to contact him to find out who told him to contact the Sheriff Dept and stop the letter, I kidd you not. The issue was never corrected. The Sheriff Department, Joyce Blair and Deborah Bain never followed through on it. Deborah would call me often and I her, she walked me through many a melt, but everything went a bit downhill after almost a year of…….have you heard anything about your victim services request, I would tell her no….No, she would say…I’ll check into that saying this is not right, I’m so sorry Kathy. .every chat ended the same, after awhile it was like getting spit on. I will be very honest with you I got very mentally Bitch slappy with her and I stepped away to heal before I was strong enough to step out again, I wish to tell you everything I have shared with you is true and it’s not all of what Joshua went through, small sad details sometimes say more than larger than life stuff,

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