Coroner of Santa Clara County

After our meeting with Sheriff Smith in 2008 where we learned of the child death review board’s action to review Joshua death in 1990 I left that meeting wanting more information so I approached the Medical Examiners Office requesting that they review Joshua’s autopsy records, I was ignored many times so I kept placing my request before them. When they decided to stop ignoring me this is what I received.

Coroner of Santa Clara County

The Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office is located at
850 Thornton Way, San Jose, California 95128

Joseph O’Hara M.D.

Forensic Pathologist, Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner Office

San Jose, California (San Francisco Bay Area)
I contacted Doctor Joseph O’Hara and requested that his office take another look at Joshua death, this was the response I received ~
“” <>
Cc: joseph.o’
Sent: Fri, May 4, 2012 10:54:28 AM
Subject: Joshua Klaver
Ms.Atkins, Joshua Klaver’s case will not be reopened by the Santa Clara Medical
Examiner-Coroner’s Office. The Attorney General’s Office had conducted an investigation many years ago in your son’s death and subsequently closed the case. Please do not send any additional correspondence to the MedicalExaminer’s as they are very busy and will not respond to future emails from
you.Thank you.Captain EastusCaptain Mark Eastus
Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office

My Response ~
Subject: Kathy Atkins
Date: Sat, 05 May 2012 11:18:32 -0400
From: Kathy Atkins

Captain Eastus, I contacted the Attorney General’s Office asking for
the records from the full investigation you said they had, I asked Ms
Harris if her Office told the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office that
they conducted a Full investigation into my son’s death, what I think I will find is the information you gave the Coroner’s Office was directly from the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department and not the Attorney General’s Office. If I find this to be true you will have a huge issue on your lap and I will be in contacted with Mr O’Hara once again. The Coroner’s Office could have sent me a run of the mill rejection of request letter and I would have added that letter to my file, I would have felt disappointed but I have been refused investigation since long before Joshua died, but because of my views of the Sheriff Dept you felt a need to deal with me personally, mistake on your part, now I feel a need to follow through on your bullshit email, enjoy your weekend Captain Eastus. . Kathy Atkins

Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner

Administrative Staff –  During 2014 Investigation into Joshua’s death 

  • Chief Medical Examiner – Dr. Michelle Jorden
  • Interim Chief Investigator – Rosa Vega
  • Assistant Administrative Director –

Medical Examiners

  • Dr. Joseph O’Hara
  • Dr. Michelle Jorden, Neuropathologist
  • Dr. Mehdi Koolaee

In 2014 when the new investigation opened I learned from the Medical examiner that Joshua autopsy was done without the rope, it was never collected as part of crime scene control. They did nothing but remove Joshua body from the barn where he died by hanging. He died in the part of the barn where there are butcher racks attached to the rafters used for his fathers business of butchering livestock and wildlife,  this is where Joshua was hanging.  The autopsy report states that Joshua had bruises on his shoulder and his knees were covered with abrasions. Joshua did not have these injuries on him before he was taken from our home and the medical examiner did not check under his nails for defensive transfer evidence.
His death was only looked at as a suicide by the Sheriff’s Department and Medical Examiner’s Office. Both agencies refused to investigate Joshua’s death n 1989

Dr. Michelle Jorden has been employed in Santa Clara County as a Medical Examiner and Neuropathologist since 2008 and is currently the Chief Medical Examiner. She obtained her medical degree from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. She performed 6 additional years of postgraduate training to include residency and fellowships in Anatomic pathology, Surgical Pathology and Neuropathology at Stanford University Medical Center, CA and a fellowship in forensic pathology at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office in Chicago, IL. Dr. Jorden has been a Medical Examiner since 2005 and is board certified through the American Board of Pathology in anatomic pathology, neuropathology and forensic pathology. She maintains her board certification and participates in maintenance of certification (MOC) through the American Board of Pathology. Dr. Jorden also is Chair of the Child Death Review Team, a diplomate of the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABDMI), a member of the Child Abuse Council for Santa Clara County and a member of the Domestic Violence Death Review Team.

.In all the years of dealing with the system about Joshua, before and after his death Dr Jorden is the only person who has stepped forward to do anything for him and I am and always will be so grateful for her time, her kindness and her concern about what happen to Joshua. . But I also had concerns about the scene reenactment Dr Jorden and Captain Frank Zacharisen of the Santa Clara Country Sheriff’s Department did in the barn on the property where Joshua died. Their report states they used investigation records to set the scene for this reenactment and the only past investigation records are from Sheriff Smith’s limited fact finding mission to fill out the report for the child death review board in 1990 and even after telling us in 1990 that the Sheriff’s Office believed KW had more to do with Joshua’s death then 1st thought they still filled out the report of the scene the night Joshua died using information from KW Klaver, his father and his abuser. This is part of the information they used for the reenactment, I feel this makes the process of this reenactment worthless, disrespectful and a insult to Joshua and the justice he deserves. – Passage from the Medical Examiner’s document > Review of the Medical Examiner-Coroner materials necessitated the need to revisit the barn where the death occurred and perform a scene reenactment < In the DA’s new investigation rejection letter they talk about the investigation records from the Sheriff’s Office they relied on to conduct their reenactment,  This tells me the need for Dr Jordan to go to the barn meant that the Sheriff Office didn’t have any useful investigation information in their records either.  Dr Jorden placed Joshua’s death before the Child death review Board in 2014 for the second time.





REPORT – Not included in the above statistics is the review of a 25-year-old case of a suicide involving a young adolescent who hanged himself at his father’s residence. Dr. Michelle Jorden was asked to review this case and completed a review of the autopsy report, autopsy photographs, and investigative reports. She also returned to the scene and conducted a scene investigation and re-enactment using the investigative reports. Remarkably, the scene was minimally disturbed years later and allowed for a thorough re-investigation. An entire CDRT meeting was devoted to the review of this case, and the CDRT concluded the case was a suicidal death but the team also concluded the young boy was a victim of child abuse.

The Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office – Assistant Medical Examiner DR. PARVIZ PAKDAMAN  — January 1989

THIS IS THE ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER THAT CONDUCTED JOSHUA’S AUTOPSY IN 1989 WITHOUT THE ROPE – WITHOUT CHECKING UNDER HIS NAILS FOR DEFENSIVE RESIDUE AND HAD NO CONCERN OF THE BRUISES AND ABRASIONS ACROSS JOSHUA’S KNEES    – DR. PARVIZ PAKDAMAN – In 2016 this Doctor who is no longer working for the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner Office was given access to Joshua’s court sealed death records without a court order- records that I as Joshua’s mother can not access without a court order and he then turned over information to the media. I strongly believe that when the media contacted him to ask questions about Joshua autopsy the Santa Clara County Sheriff Office – Sheriff Laurie Smith gave him access to Joshua’s death records to remind him of the reasons that take us back through history and to share only what Sheriff Smith wanted him to share and nothing more – He came out with the Sheriff Department call log about the child abuse complaint KW made against me when Joshua fell from his bike, I talk about that in the What Happened section – That is what Dr Pakdaman gave the media, information on a file I didn’t even know existed until this year ( 2017 ) Sheriff Smith also gave the child abuse call logs, 2 abuse files on KW and the one with our home address on it to the media directly, files that are also sealed because they concern a minor, I requested the same files and Sheriff Smith declined my request telling me in a form letter that it would be illegal to share this information with me without a court order. The media received them from the Sheriff’s Office around the same time the Department gave Dr Pakdamn access to Joshua’s sealed death records. I don’t know what he did with the file, I’m sure he had his cel phone on him, did he take photos of Joshua’s personal information, it’s unknown to me. The only reason the Medical Examiners Office had the Sheriff’s Department records was because in 2014 the Medical Examiner, Dr Jordan collected all records she could find on Joshua when she placed his death before the Child Death Review Board for the second time since his death in 1989 – We reported these actions to the Santa Clara County DA’s Office, they don’t care and will not respond to our phones calls or emails.
We do not believe for a second that the Medical Examiner, Dr Jordan had any knowledge of the breach of Joshua’s death records and we have asked her since to contain Joshua’s file so it can not be accessed again.

Below > From the What Happened section concerning KW’s complaint

Five months into the family court mediation process Joshua fell from his bike jumping the ramp we built, yes we were one of those parents who built semi wobbly wooden bike ramps, A few bruises and a puffy face around his eye and the Klaver’s filed a child abuse complaint against me with CPS and the court mediator, I have recently learned this year ( 2017 ) KW also placed a complaint with a Sheriff Department co-worker. KW lived in San Martin which is covered by the Sheriff’s Department, we lived in Morgan Hill which is covered by City P.D. The Sheriff Department would have told KW he needed to call in the complaint to our city P.D. – that the Sheriff office could not cross into another cities limits to address his complaint – We never received a visit from Morgan Hill P.D. The CPS worker who was at the school months earlier rejected the notion that Joshua was being abused by us and so did the court mediator and the complaint never entered into the courtroom during trial. This would be the 1st of 2 during our time in court that the Klavers would try to toss a child abuse complaint against us at the courts while they scrambled to defend themselves.

Choosing Death : There are Books on How to Do It, Notes that Explain Why It was Done, but Even the New Suicidologists Can’t Explain the Impulse to End It All.

Article about DR. PARVIZ PAKDAMAN  (  Joshua’s autopsty examiner )
Choosing Death : There are Books on How to Do It, Notes that Explain Why It was Done, but Even the New Suicidologists Can’t Explain the Impulse to End It All.
October 13, 1991 – San Francisco writer Tom McNichol’s work has appeared in the Washington Post Magazine, Spy, In Health and on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.”
.    .    .
“I know,” the counselor sighs. “I just hope I don’t read about this in the paper tomorrow.”    ( I’m not sure what the counselor means by that )
For several minutes, there is only glum silence in the room–and a kind of end-of-land sadness.
DR. PARVIZ PAKDAMAN REACHES into a file cabinet and pulls out a bulging manila folder six inches thick. The folder lands on the desk with a thud that sounds conspicuously hollow–or is that just because I know the file is jammed with suicide notes?
“I acquired these from a colleague who had been collecting them for several years,” explains Pakdaman, a medical examiner for Santa Clara County coroner’s office. “This is just a partial file; there’s more that I haven’t had the chance to include yet. I was interested in seeing if they’d shed any light on why people kill themselves. Some of them go on for pages and pages.”
It’s hard to make too many generalizations about the notes in Pakdaman’s folder; some are long and disjointed, others are as succinct and lucid as any letter. The shortest note in the collection is only nine words and reads like some sort of mad Haiku:

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