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2014-2015 – – We requested ( begged ) The FBI, The Attorney Generals Office and the Santa Clara County DA’s Office many times to take this new investigation into Joshua’s death but they forced us back to the Sheriff’s Department


The Attorney Generals Office was made very aware of Joshua’s case in 2007 ,  some might say . .why so many years after Joshua’s death ?  Over the years I have dealt with the Sheriff’s Office,  County Social Services, Family Court System, the Santa Clara County DA’s Office.  When the investigation into Joshua’s death reopened in 2014 Kamala Harris was my Attorney General. . .Not only her Office but the FBI forced us back into the pit of Santa Clara County . . Sheriff Smith and her criminal corrupt Sheriff Office to pick up a investigation full of mis- conduct that first started in 1984. .

I had placed our complaints on the Attorney Generals desk’s many times before but when this new information about the night Joshua died came to me it was Kamala Harris’s Office that pushed us away again and again as we told them again and again over the years what was happening with the Sheriff Office investigation. . . What we experienced was a high level of disrespect as this Office ignored the issues placed before them over and over again. .  I think and strongly believe that the protection of the 1st women Sheriff in the history of California,( only because Gillingham stepped down early to give Smith a step up and over another women who won the election in her California County earlier ) Score !!!!   Starting many years ago the State of California decided Sheriff Laurie Smith was more important than what happened to my son Joshua and I will never step back from my words, The States Governor’s , The Attorney Generals , Santa Clara County DA’s Office, Many County employee’s   County Legal . . and their refusal to address all these issues that I have placed before you will always be shocking to our family .


Attorney Generals Office ~ State of California

I will never understand the Attorney Generals Office decision to not follow through on my complaint about the Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Laurie Smith concerning Joshua’s Death by Hanging at the age of 10, Joyce Blair with the Attorney General’s Office sat in the meeting with Sheriff Smith and heard her tell us that the Sheriff Department did not send crime scene Deputies to collect information about Joshua’s Death until the Child Death Review Board’s request for time of death information came to the Sheriff’s Department , 22 months after his death, which fits my complaint about the refusal to investigate at the time of death, and the Klaver Trilogy places Sheriff Smith then Under Sheriff in charge of the information gathering in 1990 for the CDRT, where she received all the information from my husband and I about the Sheriff Dept knowledge of the abuse years before Joshua’s Death by Hanging, what happened at the school, the refusal to investigate, Joshua’s appointment to see a Judge the next morning about the years of abuse, KW being alone with Joshua when he died and Sheriff Smith acted on none of it and the Attorney Generals Office has done the same.

Joshua was to talk with a Judge the next morning about the abuse, do you realize what would have happened to KW and his wife’s jobs in Law enforcement when Josh talked with the Judge about the abuse, It makes me wonder what would have happened to many other Sheriff Deputies careers if the truth was given to the Child Death Review Board, but not one Deputy was called on their actions, KW should have been charged… .the dept did nothing in 1990 and took everything Joshua and tucked it all behind laws that protect Officers in the line of duty, protection laws that should not have been used and because of this action Sheriff Smith should have had charges brought against her, Obstruction of justice but the DA’s Office stood by and allowed them to do as they wished, and now the Attorney Generals Office is doing the same.
In 2008 the Attorney General’s Office felt that it was a local issue and with that they passed me back to Santa Clara County to the same Agencies my complaints were about with a recommendation by Joyce Blair and Deborah Bain to take a class, do some volunteer work or use my knowledge of the legal system to be a court advocate for someone going through something like what I went through, try to put the past behind you and enjoy your life and your grandchildren. I was begging them with mentally anguished tears to look at this closer, I phone called and email stalked them, bouncing between demanding justice and more tearful begging, but they made it very clear that they were done. Then the email from David Tomkins came to me talking about the problems with the time of death investigation and Joshua’s misplaced file, this email shows that the DA’s Office knew what was going on in 1990. Sheriff Smith and Gillingham had all the information on Joshua’s death and sat on it and pushed me away with fear. I showed the AG’s Office and they refused to follow through, I know now that Attorney Generals Office did not even pull Joshua’s autopsy report during the almost 2 years I was talking with them about Joshua or they and the Medical Examiner would have noticed that Joshua’s autopsy was done without the rope in 2007, The Medical Examiner acted quickly on the issues she saw and placed Joshua death before the child death review board again, with nothing about this new investigation as part of what she presented in 2014, 7 years after the Attorney generals Office refused to to pull the file.

The lying continues to this day and the AG’s Office does not care, Sheriff Smith’s Office told the Coroner of Santa Clara County that the Attorney Generals Office conducted a full investigation into Joshua death, which did not happen. . I wanted the Attorney Generals Office to take action against the Sheriff Department for doing this, nothing happened. And when the new investigation opened in 2014 I demanded they run the investigation, The AG’s Office refused and forced us to rely on the Sheriff’s Department to investigate this new information about Joshua’s death even with the history attached which they know in detail.

The Attorney General’s Office in California had made it very clear to me many times since 2007  that no internal investigation into the Sheriff’s Office or Sheriff Laurie Smiths actions will happen. I pray there are others who are willing to ask them Why or I will be standing alone with that word in my hands,  The AG’s Office allowed the Sheriff of Santa Clara County and her Direct Reports including Under Sheriff John Hirokawa to sit on this investigation until after her run for re-election in 2014 and for many many months after.   With all our complaints directed at the AG’s Office over the course of the investigation against the Sheriff Office they allowed the Sheriff of Santa Clara County to sit on this investigation without documenting the witness’s statement, a retired Highway Patrol Officer for 18 months. The AG’s Office knew the history very well that connects Joshua’s life and his death with the Santa Clara County Sheriff”s Office but we were still forced by the Attorney General’s office to rely on the Sheriff’s Department to investigate Joshua death even after contacting them many times throughout the investigation about the misconduct that was happening.



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