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 We were not in a Struggle for Custody we were in a Struggle to Stop the Child Abuse –






I have many things to share to those who have listened to the podcasts, if you haven’t I highly recommend the series.  I learned a lot – it left me with questions – it left me disappointed in some areas where the paper did not share information that I thought was important. I listened to KW describe that I tossed Joshua out like a dog because I was a drug addict. It wasn’t a crushing comment hearing him say that as I feel it shows the kind of man that he is in just a few words.  My disappointment is that the paper gave him the gift to say that on the podcast at all.  Hearing his voice after all these years cracked opened my mental memory box and I couldn’t close it up for a time; how can a voice do such a thing?   I let my heartache take me to my knees today, not a good place for a person with PTSD.  I know I will be wondering if the legal system has the same questions I have now that two new witnesses have stepped forward


Before I end my day I have this to say –  To KW’s friends,  the 60 year old women conducting themselves on the podcast about my son’s life and death like you are high school facebook bullies. Choosing to support this man is your business but Ladies, you are 60 years old!  Give it some thought;   I can see it  .  .everyone can see it .  .people you work with .  .people you work for.  . facebook friends .  .your neighbors .  . your children,    I would ask you to remove your childish behavior from the page but I doubt you care.

I feel like I cannot engage on the podcast page to share anything about Joshua because these women would attack like a pack of dogs.  I watched you all for days do it to anyone who questioned the systems actions or made a comment about KW – I refuse to engage at your level and I know you would all do your best to make that happen. Don’t misunderstand my unwillingness to engage you as not being able to stand on solid ground about what happened to Joshua.

Letting KW claim that the Judge made judgments against me but decided to give Joshua’s birth mother ( me) a second chance –  That did not happen and there is nothing in our court documents that say any such thing but the reporter left it sit there in the podcast like the tossing Joshua out like a dog.   .But the abuse or issues I shared with her after Judge Stewart placed Joshua with us. Nothing.   She said the Judge expected his mother’s home to be a calming place but Joshua ended up kicking holes in the walls, I didn’t expect her to print everything we had to say but there was nothing that I shared with her about the issues we faced that caused his breakdowns –  But she allowed KW to be a pig multiple times –

 Julia –   I don’t understand why you decided to follow the narrative of the systems fog of child custody case multiple times after seeing Judge Stewart findings and learning they were not given to Judge Fogel, Joshua’s third Judge,  You shared nothing of the one and a half years that our first Judge left Joshua to struggle with further abuse before we made it to trial with the Court Mediators Child Abuse report in his damn hand, you said nothing.  Judge Fogel and the article on Joshua’s death with the note slipped into our sealed court record- a record you need a Judge to access  – you said nothing. And the statement you made that the Court thought placing Joshua with me would have a calming effect on him but he ended up kicking holes in the walls, then you let the words drop into the readers heads to make their own conclusions of the matter,  I wished you had shared of our struggles with the Klaver’s after the courts placed Joshua with us.  .  Also Sheriff Smith’s involvement, I heard in the podcast that she was just a low level deputy when Joshua died but you failed to tell the public that after she skipped her way into the job of Assistant Sheriff of Santa Clara County she sent two homicide deputies to our home in Nov 1990,  or that Assistant Sheriff Laurie Smith would have known because of her involvement what Joshua’s CPS worker told the CDRT in 1990.  You said Nothing ,   Why ?   I feel like you placed a child custody battle before the public when every decision we made was for Joshua’s safety and his mental health and we were fought every inch of the way.
You speak of the court records as sadly typical of many custody cases.  There was nothing typical of our case full of child abuse, Sheriff deputies, CPS, child abuse files that Judge 3 swears were withheld from him and are in our file now, Judges looking the other way as they passed Joshua off to another Judge as grace was given to two Law Enforcement Officers over and over again and the safety of my son Joshua was set aside until the day he died and you know this, I sat in my living room the day the podcast with Joshua’s social worker was posted and it crushed me, the deputies, KW’s friend Sheriff Winter.    You brought so much information of the systems misconduct to the table.   Why did you stop ? Why did you give these agencies credit for investigations they did not conduct? Julia,  you did their job for them so I don’t understand the credit share.  Even with my complaints I think you own this huge part of the investigation into Joshua’s death,


My plan was to listen to each podcast again one-at-a-time as I wrote but I’m feel a strong energy pulling me to talk about Sheriff Smith.  I will not go into detail of my interactions or thoughts about her because those thoughts are addressed on other pages.  As I listened to one of the podcasts the reporter was speaking with Sheriff Smith on the phone and I was listening for the serious questions about her misconduct when it came to Joshua, 1990 and the first CDRT Review where Joshua’s social worker spoke; the 2014 investigation mess, how could she be fuzzy about that it just closed 10 months ago and her hands were all over it.  I waited for those questions–if they were asked, they never made it to print or podcast in the Mercury News.   What I did hear Sheriff  speak about was doing everything for the children; really??  I know better as do many other families of blotched investigations in Santa Clara County.  . “tragedy beyond tragedies.”  All of them.

Mercury News Reporter >

For months, her office refused many interview requests, instead emailing a statement calling Josh’s death a “tragedy beyond tragedies.”

Then, suddenly she took my call — days after we started publishing this series. “Klaver was a problem employee,” she told me, but said she couldn’t discuss personnel matters, only her feelings about the former deputy. She wasn’t shy about that.

“He just seemed to be a problem all the time, you know, kind of like, I don’t want to say a scammer, because that’s not the right word. … Devious maybe. He’s always seemed devious,” the sheriff said. “He was always suspect for something. I don’t mean a suspect. But there was always a sense that there was something wrong.

Frankly, the sheriff was fuzzy about many of the details of the multiple investigations into Josh’s death — she was a sergeant back when Josh died.

But she said she was aghast at how Klaver’s fellow deputies handled the child abuse complaints against him, especially the one at Josh’s school. That’s the time a Child Protective Services worker confronted Klaver and a group of fellow deputies as they surrounded Josh after he told the school his dad had knocked him down some steps.

> > “If I were to look at that today, I would say it was an attempt to cover it up,” Smith said


This is where you hear me scream loudly –  In 1990 when the child death review board pushed Joshua’s death out for review Laurie Smith was no longer a sergeant. She was Under Sheriff Laurie Smith, Assistant Sheriff to the people of Santa Clara County.  Twenty months after his death she sent homicide deputies into my home,  lied to us that a full investigation was opening, gathered the information they needed for the CDRT and then harshly shut me down.   I heard no questions or comments about this on the podcast.   I heard no questions about the statements made in the Klaver Trilogy about the issues that effected KW’s stance with the Sheriff’s Department started in November 1990. This was the time in history when the Sheriff’s Office found a way to remove their misconduct from Joshua’s nightmare, a practice they continue to use today.  After Joshua’s death someone in the family courts placed in our legally sealed court documents the news article on Joshua’s death with a hand written note on it disowning their actions of returning Joshua to his father. . Where are the reporters comments about the Fogel court decision from the Bench document and letter slide .   .I sat and wondered where were all the questions and comments that should be asked about this, Nothing came.   The reporter made it clear that she asked many questions of Sheriff Smith, she spoke of Smith being fuzzy about issues,  I wanted to hear her ask the questions so everyone could hear the fuzzy, I know I wanted to hear it.  Instead I listened to Sheriff Smith talk about picking the right word for KW’s employee issues  –  It was like listening to a carnival wheel spin until it landed on just the right word .  .  .  . She said she was aghast at how Klaver’s fellow deputies handled the child abuse complaints against him. . She knew every single detail in 1990 after her new job as Assistant Sheriff  started, 20 months after Joshua’s death.  She was in charge of the 1990 invasion into our home with homicide deputies for information for the child death review,  I remember the moments but the claims of the Klaver Trilogy- written by PORAC – Legal Defense for Law Enforcement are that Sheriff Smith was in charge of this process.  –  She said to the reporter that she would have been aghast – She stood by and did more than stay silent, she worked hard to make sure it stayed that way.

The paper gave the Sheriff Office, DA’s Office, Medical Examiners Office, and the Attorney Generals Office the grace of conducting investigations and reviews of Joshua’s death multiple times which is bullshit .   I expected the paper to have seen all these investigation reports from each of these agencies to print such a statement but there are no investigation records from the AG’s Office –  emails of me begging them to help while the 2014 investigation was conducted like it was but you won’t find any investigation records – The Medical Examiner – Before the 2014 re enactment I contacted the ME’s Office multiple times and they told me to go away- No investigation records – Just to do the re-enactment the ME and the SO combined had Nothing –  As I listened to the podcast I heard the words, they asked the homeowners for two things –  A kitchen chair and a rope and my heart crushed, for me, for them to be asked such a thing, Bobbi picked out the rope out on line – could they not stop at a farmlife tackle shop and buy one –  Excuse me homeowner we are here to reenact a child’s death in your barn, can we borrow a chair and a rope, we lost ours. My jaw dropped and I cringed.  To the home owners, I’m sorry that was asked of you for conducting such a thing on your property.  .   I have always had a problem with this re enactment without truth and now that two new witnesses have stepped forward claiming to have been there that night, the husband helped cut Joshua down he said.  None of Bobbi’s statements on video to the reporter of that night had other people in the barn helping, She walked the reporter through what she remembered , she called a neighbor to watch over the children and 911, gated dogs – opened property gates.  Bobbi says she raced back to the barn and encouraged KW to keep up with cpr but the neighbor said KW had not cut Joshua down yet when he entered the barn-  I’m left with more questions now and one is how long will the Sheriff’s Office leave these people unquestioned  —     The paper said not one word that Sheriff Smith while she was sharing the care about Joshua’s death on the podcast that she left Bobbi Klaver sitting out there for 18 months after the phone call between her and the investigator that opened the investigation –  Not one word from the Mercury News.


Claims of the system doing multiple investigations –  NO NO and NO   In a investigation people are spoken with, statements are taken.  The reporter spoke to people with serious information; people the 2014 investigation never approached, In 1990 CDRT review- The Sheriff Office did not approach these people, Joshua’s CPS worker told the review board the information she shared on the podcast and the Sheriff Office never knocked on her door, Assistant Sheriff Smith at the time was in charge of the 1990 “investigation” and I don’t think they wanted this CPS workers words in their limited file on Joshua.   In 1989 when Joshua died the Sheriff Office did not approach these people or myself.  The Attorney Generals Office nor did the Medical Examiners Office approach these people .   .The reporter did all that for them after the Sheriff Office closed the 2014 case.  These investigations they claim, I think it’s clear to everyone now that they never happened.

Mercury News- Dr Jordan  – Medical Examiner / Reenactment specialist

I asked Dr. Jorden whether the death review team had looked at Stewart’s ruling — where he listed eight acts of abuse that Josh had suffered at the hands of his father, including whipping, kicking and hitting. Surprisingly, she said, it had not.

“This is the first time I’m hearing of it,” she said.

I spoke with Dr Jordan on the phone and in email in 2014 before the CDRT meeting and I gave her permission to access our sealed Court files and any other records she can find that would need a parent approval. I was more than a bit surprised by her statement.  If she is claiming to not of had Stewarts child abuse finding what do they have from those Sheriff Office child abuse files, they are the only other avenue of documented child abuse outside the family court system and they refuse to share the reports even with me without a court order, I have been pulled to request them but I’m not sure I want to read them.  Joshua received a Sate of California Database update for whats in those files. Would it have been the same database outcome if she had pulled the court records I gave her permission to have ?  All this time I thought the court child abuse findings went before the  CDRT in 2014, I don’t think it happened in 1990 either. .  .

9/9/17 –  I feel like talking about our Judges,  Judge Fogel stands out right now because of his statement to the reporter in the Podcast.  He said he knew nothing of Judge Stewarts findings of child abuse, I have a huge problem with that and the issue that the system passed Joshua between three Judges.  Joshua had One Family Court file and that day Judge Fogel is saying the child abuse findings- CPS child abuse findings – Court Mediator child abuse findings- testimony of child abuse – Sheriff Office child abuse reports where not in his file and claims that he never saw any of that information when he returned Joshua to his abuser that day. I have nothing kind to say about this man, this protector of the people that did not take the time to read my sons file.  He made this decision on his lunch break,  I have court documents declaring we will take up once again after lunch and when everyone returned the Court without even speaking with me about why Joshua was mentally tipping over had a plan built to return Joshua to his father and KW’s attorney was instructed by Judge Fogel to put his orders from the Bench in a document.  I have hand written notes from our court file that I pulled in 2015 instructing the Klaver’s attorney to do this.    In our file that I pulled in 2015,  along with the handwritten court record making a very clear decision from the Bench I also found a photocopy of a article written about Joshua’s death by the Mercury News with a hand written note saying the court had no involvement in returning Joshua to his father’s.




When I talk about Joshua my thoughts are about the first time Bobbi started living with one foot out the damn door.

I think I learned the answer to my question from the Mercury News Podcast –  Bobbi makes claims that these serious issues started at the beginning of their marriage –   They ran off to get married the week I found out about the abuse and she stayed and stepped forward to back KW in Family Court and to Joshua’s mental health doctors for years before Joshua’s death.

The details of the other restraint orders on the Oklahoma Court system page are unknown to me but they are there.

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