San Jose Mercury News Podcasts & Thoughts #1

 Julia –   I don’t understand why you decided to follow the narrative of the DA’s Uninvestigated findings after the 2014 investigation fog full of criminal misconduct , the DA sent us this letter when many of the people you talked with were not even questioned by the Sheriff Office nor the DA’s Office and that office has  known about Joshua’s death since back in 1989/90 and did nothing. . Do you see that in the letter ? No.  . .Dale Sanderson is the DA I spoke to back then to file many complaints and he is the same DA on the podcast to point a finger at Bobbi Klaver who has information so for the DA to send me a child custody case findings closing letter to Joshua’s death , telling me he killed himself because I fought with his father doesn’t work for me but you went with this multiple times even after seeing Judge Stewart findings in our court records and learning they were not given to Judge Fogel, Joshua’s third Judge.   You shared nothing of the one and a half years that our first Judge left Joshua to struggle with further abuse before we made it to trial with the Court Mediators Child Abuse report in his damn hand, you said nothing.  Judge Fogel and the article on Joshua’s death with the note slipped into our court record- a record you need a Judge to access detailed information  – you said nothing.   In our Court record there is a order to purge parts of our case file, I know what is missing but I do not have copies any longer , we can talk nervous breakdowns another time. .When I contacted the Court Clerk to request the file he told me he has never seen such a order for a file our size,  they are for large trial displays for the Courtroom not sitting down and pulling paper from a file like ours and you said Nothing !!!  And the statement you made that the Court thought placing Joshua with me would have a calming effect on him but he ended up kicking holes in the walls, then you let the words drop into the readers heads to make their own conclusions of the matter,  I wished you had shared of our struggles with the Klaver’s after the courts placed Joshua fully with us.  .  Also Sheriff Smith’s involvement, I heard in the podcast that she was just a low level deputy when Joshua died but you failed to tell the public that after she skipped her way into the job of Assistant Sheriff of Santa Clara County she sent two homicide deputies to our home in Nov 1990,  Or  that Assistant Sheriff Laurie Smith in her leadership  involvement would have known what Joshua’s CPS worker told the CDRT in 1990.  You said Nothing ,   Why ?   I feel like you placed a child custody battle before the public with Sheriff Office mistakes as background noise when every decision we made was for Joshua’s safety and his mental health and we were fought every step of the way.
You speak of the court records as sadly typical of many custody cases.  There was nothing typical of our case full of child abuse, Sheriff deputies, CPS, child abuse files that Judge 3 swears were withheld from him and are in our file now, Judges looking the other way as they passed Joshua off to another Judge as grace was given to two Law Enforcement Officers over and over again and the safety of my son Joshua was set aside until the day he died and you know this, I sat in my living room the day the podcast with Joshua’s social worker was posted and it crushed me, the deputies, KW’s friend Sheriff Winter.    You brought so much information of the systems misconduct to the table.   Why did you stop ? Why did you give these agencies credit for investigations they did not professionally conduct? Julia,   I gave them  the same names I gave you to locate and they refused  so I don’t understand the credit share.  I placed our personal lives and my investigation in your hands and you gave credit to the Sheriff Office for conducting their own and then I learn after the podcast was delivered to the public as a 30 year old child custody case the San Jose, California Mercury News and yourself Julia offered Up Joshua’s life and death that you all refused to fully cover to multiple California and National Media systems for look at me Awards and damn you Won !!!  Well Julia someone less experienced to across the board system bullshit would wonder why you all never told me about this nifty award you have sitting on a shelf in your homes !!!!!!  The Mercury News FAILED to expose a issue with the protection of officers involved in Domestic Violence while Management watches . . .WHY is that San Jose, CA  Mercury News . .  I did decide to have contact with these media award givers over many many email rants of > Do you people ever do a Goggle search before handing out such fancy awards . .
I have come to a place in the Mercury News article where I felt I need  to speak –   #  The reporter spoke more than once of Joshua going in to see the Judge to pick me or his dad –  Thats not fully the case, Joshua would I’m sure have been asked about many things, one of those would have been his wishes but the child abuse that was forced on him for years would be in the conversation also, that would have ended KW and Bobbi’s Law Enforcement careers. The Judge could have decided enough and placed Joshua on his own, We had no idea what was going to happen the next day in court.  Dennis and I never would have put that pressure on Joshua, pick me not your dad,  his mind and heart were too fragile to do such a thing to him.  The night before his death we talked with Hollister PD about calling in San Benito County Child Protective Services  who could have chosen to place him, at the time the Hollister PD used it as a threat , I regret allowing KW and the PD walk away from my acceptance of  his threat made for KW.  After court the next day I wanted to talk with Joshua before the Klaver’s because I knew they would mess with his head as they had in the past but they came into my home and took him before we arrived home.   Dennis and I had decided we were going to ask the Judge the next morning to place Joshua with KW’s first wife’s son who was also a Sheriff Deputy to watch over Joshua until the court mediator invaded our homes again,  Joshua wrote a suicide note in a school journal months before his request to be with us, We wanted to know what was going on and he needed to be in a safe place for that to happen,   I went to Judy’s home the morning after Joshua died and I told Stretch that we were going to ask the courts to place Joshua with him, he told me he would have taken him into his home with his family,  KW would have had to follow the courts rules with him, we were willing but we never made it to court the next day.
Mercury News – In print on the KW podcast >    However, a year before his death, when his mother had primary custody, court documents show that the boy told one therapist he wanted to be with his father. They also recount an incident when Josh bolted from his stepfather’s car at a gas station to try to find his father at the sheriff’s department. Josh’s life with his mother and stepfather clearly wasn’t always the happy, safe haven that Kathy Atkins promised the judge it would be.  I’m going to break this down into three parts.
You threw three all these together in one short paragraph as if they are a blended moment of information .  Therapist- check – Bolt from the car – check –  Kathy gave false hopes of healing Joshua from years of abuse to the Judge –  check
#1  –  The therapist that testified for the Klaver’s the year before while we were before Judge Fogel, the Judge that claims in the podcast that Joshua’s child abuse records were not part of his file that day when he returned Joshua to his abusive father but it’s there now-  This is the same women the Klaver’s used at trial and decided to bring her back before Fogel,  I believe before trial they had visits with her but after it stopped .  . who wants to drive 2 hours from your home in bay area traffic for family therapy.   She was not treating Joshua or the Klaver’s as a couple when she stepped into court and declared that Joshua wanted to live with his dad.  At this time Joshua was in the CAPI unit and I was never notified nor is there a court order that allowed a outside therapist  to be brought onto the unit to question him.    I’m a bit fuzzy about what to call her but a paid hack comes to mind.  The Doctor who had been treating Joshua before he was placed in the capi unit  stood before the court not as someone I hired on the quick, not someone I paid to speak to the Judge, but as Joshua’s doctor and he told the court that Joshua should be with us but I don’t see that in this condensed comment by the Mercury News.
#2 – We have always referred to this as gas station day >
 Joshua was in mode because KW had bailed on his visit time to go hunting , Dennis had taken Joshua to work with him because he was tweaking about it and going to the office always calmed him down but this day it wasn’t working for him and on the drive home he was not behaving safely in the car and Dennis pulled into a gas station by the San Jose airport to talk with him because his behavior was interfering with his driving on highway 17-  Once Joshua was out of the car he started acting out, hiding, running around the small busy gas station,  Dennis moved the car to get out of the way of others and looked for Joshua and could not find him, they had become separated.  Dennis called and we were both panicking as he looked for him.   Joshua did not bolt from the car to find his dad, God bless his sweet self but Joshua was lucky he recognized where he was and walked to the Sheriff’s Office..   Not long after hanging up the phone rang and it was the Sheriff Department and they had Joshua there, Dennis picked me up and down we went. When we walked in Joshua was sitting in a chair outside a office of the deputy we were directed to.  I walked up to Joshua to make sure he was alright and to give him the mom eye but before I could-  out comes- sorry mom.  Dennis explained what happened and then the Deputy told us that Joshua pretty much told him the same thing and that he didn’t see any concerns except of the safety information he gave Joshua .   After we got home it was getting late,  it was tub-dinner-safety talk – bed –  KW told us he was unreachable,  after our family unit settled in I talked with Bobbi- but she kept calling back demanding to talk with Joshua –  I said no, I’m not waking him so you can question him,  she was cop on and I told her he’s ok and said to call as early as she would like in the morning and we crashed  –   We were shocked a few hours later to find San Jose PD and  KW with his gun on his hip and his Sheriff badge on his belt pounding at our door demanding that we let him into our home.   This is the kind of behavior I explain about  – the canceled visits that caused Joshua so much pain  –  He was not out of town –   We thought KW was in Canada killing moose, I checked our court record because the Klaver’s pulled this gas station moment into court as a complaint and we had to defend ourselves against their cop privilege B.S. again and right there in writing saying both Dennis and I, including Joshua thought KW was in Canada killing Moose.
#3 –  Josh’s life with his mother and stepfather clearly wasn’t always the happy, safe haven that Kathy Atkins promised the judge it would be.  >    >   You shared nothing of our struggles with the Klaver’s that continued Joshua pain after the Judge placed Joshua with us-   Julia, Kiss my ass
Letting KW claim that the Judge made judgments against me but decided to give Joshua’s birth mother  a second chance –  That did not happen and there is nothing in our court documents that say any such a thing but the reporter let it sit there in the podcast for the public to take in.   But the abuse or issues I shared with her after Judge Stewart placed Joshua with us. Nothing.   She said the Judge expected his mother’s home to be a calming place but Joshua ended up kicking holes in the walls, again she left the statement sit there for the public to take in  – I didn’t expect her to print everything we had to say but there was nothing that I shared with her about the issues we faced that caused his breakdowns – Bobbi’s claims in the restraint order against KW in Oklahoma that she has feared him since they married in 1985, Joshua died in 1989 but the reporter refused to connect this for the public , The paper refused to connect her statement to law enforcement to get a restraining order to our nightmare, years of the Sheriff Office , gun on his hip, a killer dog at my throat, so much fear . cps, family court, judges and mental health doctors with Joshua going into that same house as Bobbi  until his death . . . the reporter said nothing about that just that I failed.  When the reporter went to speak with KW and Bobbi they both had known about my site since I have been writing here about officer involved domestic violence for many years but Julia went to them and did the Kathy said this, Kathy posted this, Kathy’s statement is this and that but after the reporter spoke with KW she did not come to me and say KW said this and that what shall your defense be to these crude statements. . .nothing she just printed it .


Editorial-  Mercury News –   Would we still fail Josh Klaver today?

Editorial: Child’s apparent suicide in a San Martin barn holds lessons for us today

I found this editorial written by the Mercury News Staff >   “Atkins blames herself for her years of drug abuse that allowed Klaver to initially take custody of the child.”  Take a moment in – Who I am for details –

I could be seen by some as splitting hairs.   Was it the 8 months that I own when life became harsh for a time, KW and I legally agreed with no courtroom involvement that it was best for Joshua at the time to have his main residence with his father not years of drug abuse the paper has decided to push out twice now in these editorials.   After everything Joshua went through I could just own the difference in time but it’s not the truth.  In our court documents KW complaints at this time were – no home – somewhat true, when Joshua was with me we stayed with my parents, Josh had his own room there – sleeping on the couches at friends – at times true –  a chronic issue of being un employed-  durning this time in my life true – And even though its no ones business I at times slept in my broken down car and hitchhiked everywhere I went when I didn’t have Joshua with me.  During these months when my choices became Joshua’s lifetime he was not with me when I slipped in and out of partying too much.   KW knew the harshness that happened in my life at this time , he waited until I hit bottom then he and his wife Judi jumped at me with a few legal threats and life encouragements of his was better but he did not know what I was doing when Joshua was with him and none of his complaints were of a druggie mom issue.   I have shared this part of my story because my choice at that time in my life had a huge impact on my sons life.   I expect others to do the same but I question if that will ever happen.

As we entered into the Courts we went through the process of a very serious court mediator ,  She wanted to help Joshua and I could not explain why I was not always there during that period of time without telling her what I had been through and also what my choices were before I found myself sitting with her.  And when I started this webpage I shared how I placed Joshua on his path  –  KW has decided to take that and spit out crudeness just to do it.   And as the reporter interviewed KW I waited to hear what he remembered,  I wanted to hear his voice and see his face as he claimed what he did and did not remember about what happened the night Joshua died,  But  she choose to keep his words silent for him, out of respect I think she said –   I did not raise Joshua as a drugged out mother either in his earlier years or when everything fell apart, There is nothing in our court records that claim druggie mom – KW would have ripped me in court if that was the case but it was not –


After the Podcast came out and because of the comments made about me being a druggie mom and couch hopping with Joshua since he was a newborn for years I contacted the reporter and the paper about this and Julia’s response was I would never say those things about you Kathy I swear,  it was another writer she said (email )  . . . there the words were . .I was told they removed such language from the many editorials in papers from around the Bay Area they own,  I mean many.  Was the information changed in all the papers  ?? , I don’t think so for a moment but I do know the information was never changed on the podcast,  I once again threatened to bring legal action but I decided not to and just stepped away. . .I decided I was willing to take the extra harsh hit then have the Mercury News pull the podcast if I sued .

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