Joyce Blair

Supervising Deputy Attorneys General Joyce Blair

State of California, Office of the Attorney General

455 Golden Gate, Suite 11000 San Francisco, CA 94102 -7004

In 2007 I found The Klaver Trilogy on line ( information on this article can be found on the What Happened page ) I knew the answers to all my questions about the Sheriff Department’s action’s after Joshua died could be found starting there. I  contacted the Attorney General’s Office, I was forced to jump through so many hoops before they would even talk to me about what I had placed before them about Joshua’s death, I had to file with the Santa Clara County Grand Jury,  re approach  Sheriff Laurie Smith and the DA’s Office again. After months of jumping the hoops the Attorney Generals’s office decided that Supervising Deputy Attorney General Joyce Blair would work with me. She forced Sheriff Laurie Smith to meet with us in 2008 after refusing to respond to any of my contact attempts with her office. In this meeting Sheriff Smith told me the Child Death Review Board was the reason she sent Homicide Deputies to my home in November of 1990. Joyce Blair sat in this meeting with us and listened to Sheriff Smith share so much information with me, listened while She share private information of domestic violence and mental health issues from KW’s private work records. She heard what the Department did to gather the information for the Child Death Review Board.  Joyce Blair heard it all and still decided after the meeting that the issues at hand were not something the Attorney General’s Office were legally bound to deal with, she felt that all my concerns and complaints could be dealt with in Santa Clara County and not at the State Level and closed the AG’s door on me

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