Sheriff Laurie Smith


Mission Statement:
The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the preservation of public safety by providing innovative and progressive service in partnership with the community.

Sheriff Laurie Smith

Laurie Smith was elected to be the Sheriff of Santa Clara County, California in January of 1999 after serving 9 years as Assistant Sheriff of Santa Clara County under the watchful eye of Sheriff Gillingham.  She was placed in this job months before Sheriff Gillingham had put her in charge of the child death review board request for information on Joshua’s death, She sent Homicide Deputies to my home and shared information with me about the night Joshua died that I did not know,  I was interviewed about the years of abuse, our complaints about The Sheriff’s Department’s misconduct over the years, the refusal’s to investigate Joshua’s death,  after gathering all the information Sheriff Gillingham and Assistant Sheriff Smith without explanation stopped any further investigation and the Department stopped communicating with me..

In 2007 after banging on the Attorney Generals Office to investigate the Sheriff Department after finding the Klaver Trilogy, the AG’s Office forced Sheriff Laurie Smith to meet with me to address my complaints against the Department. In this meeting Sheriff Smith told me that it was the Child Death Review Board that pushed my son’s death out for review in November of 1990. She told us she sent crime scene and homicide Deputies out to the barn where Joshua died by Hanging for the 1st time 22 months after his death. She knew that Joshua’s father Deputy KW Klaver was his abuser, and still she relied on his description of scene the night Joshua died, they took photos and measurements and placed all the information gathered into a report and turned it over to the Child Death Review Board as information gathered at the time of death. As she told us this she went from sitting to standing to sitting again and when she was done she said in a small nervous laugh. .better that it happened late then never happening at all, right


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