Welcome to Justice for Joshua Klaver ~ 



My search for Justice started years before Joshua’s death when he was 6 years old after being called to his school by a women from child protective services, the day he was found with bruises all down the side of his body from being kicked down steps into the trashcans by his father a Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy,  KW Klaver.
From this day forth we entered into a world run by a system that refused to protect Joshua but offered his father so much grace over and over again but nothing to help Joshua as  they turned a blind eye from Joshua’s pain until his death at the age of 10,  Joshua died by Hanging in a barn used for slaughtering livestock and wild game on his Father’s property the night before he was to meet with a Family Court Judge about the abuse he was forced to live with for the 1st time in all the years we spent in the Court System.




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